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Paraffin Upland, CA
How Does a Paraffin Hand Treatment Work?

Hands are submerged into a warm wax bath until the form takes on the look of a glove. Then the hands are placed in toweling mitts while you relax. It's during this relaxation stage that your muscles really begin to release tension they may be holding and the skin on the hands become rehydrated. When the treatment is over your hands will feel silky, smooth and soft. You will notice a revitalized color and deep relaxation.

What Does Paraffin Wax Treat?

Paraffin Hand Treatments soften hands, improve circulation, rejuvenate skin coloring, and ease joint stiffness. Paraffin Hand Treatments also give you the time and environment to relax completely from a tough schedule or rough day.

What Are Paraffin Hand Treatments Like?

Paraffin Hand Treatments are very relaxing and soothing. The warm wax seems to melt stress away and is a great addition to any treatment you may come in for.